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WALDEVAR’s equipment is used in road and motorway network modernization and development projects, road safety improvement works, the photovoltaic panel industry, fence installations and in all areas requiring extraction and insertion (direct impact, screwing or by drilling the surface) of piles made from different materials – iron, concrete, wood and other materials, and of screws or other anchoring systems.

Modern equipment is technologicalized to the highest standards, characterized by exceptional durability and reliability, being extremely stable and designed to withstand uninterrupted use in difficult terain conditions, but also in adverse weather conditions. Among the main advantages of WALDEVAR’s machines are their ability to easily insert columns into any type of surface: soil, concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, stone, granite, etc., as well as the ability to rotate the poles 360 degrees, along with the robustness and endurance of their metal crawler.

WALDEVAR’s equipment can be easily used for mounting poles for photovoltaic parks, for installing roads railing poles, for beating trellis (poles) for vines, but also for drilling.

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WALDEVAR has been involved from early on in the new technology implementation, such as photovoltaic panels, but also in the latest and modern technologies used in the development and modernization of national road and highway networks. Last but not least, an important direction is agriculture, where WALDEVAR came up with some modern solutions – vine support poles, seedling support poles in orchards, light structures for greenhouses, etc.

Today, WALDEVAR has modern and competitive equipment, which is used in pending projects, in the field of alternative energy (solar panels), in the development of road and highway infrastructure, as well as in agriculture.


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