Drilling Equipment

Today, drilling is used in several fields: geological research, oil and gas extraction, groundwater exploitation, execution of mining works (wells, ventilation holes), geotechnical research, but also in the field of construction. Whether we are talking about roads and bridges, or we are talking about residential or even industrial projects, there are certain requirements in design that involve the need of different type of drilling.

Starting with water wells and continuing with cable crossing columns of different types or simple fence posts, it is necessary to drill in different types of surfaces.

WALDEVAR has modern equipment, with the latest technology, capable of drilling holes of various diameters and depths, in many types of surfaces: earth, asphalt, concrete or even rock.

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Important factors in drilling preparation

The choice of equipment and drilling preparation must take into account a number of key conditions for the operation to be carried out safely and with maximum efficiency.

Specialists must analyze the surface type, drilling diameter and drilling fluid parameters. Also, all the work must be adapted to the final purpose of the drilling project because horizontal drilling can serve various infrastructure projects such as those for water or gas networks.

Various applications of drilling

Projects of this type are in support for water supplies, but also for other projects regarding the district heating network, the transport of natural gas and petroleum products or for various projects of underpassing the transport routes.

Drilling is also useful in rehabilitation projects of damaged underground pipes. Thus, repair works can be also performed on the district heating and sewerage network.

In the case of vertical drilling, state-of-the-art equipment can reach depths of up to 500 meters.

For shallow depths, drilling is dry, being a popular operation when digging water wells. For medium depths, semi-mechanical or hydraulic dry system equipment is used. If the work involves drilling at great depths, resorts are used that use a continuous flow of fluid to traverse different types of soil.

The WALDEVAR HWL 400R has the technical capabilities needed to drill. The equipment offers drilling options with custom heads and can be used for drilling at various sizes and depths.

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